Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the greatest efforts, it can happen that one or the other question remains open. In our compilation we have tried to clarify your questions about our product Big Data Accelerator (BDA) and Big Data Accelerating Service (BDAS) in advance.

Big Data Accelerator is a modern, innovative data storage system with an extreme fast search function. Wherever you use data, you can use Big Data Accelerator to support or replace existing databases.

You can read a detailed description of how the data analysis procedure works on our homepage. Please click here.

We offer the following license models:

  • Computer-bound license (nodelocked license)
  • Named user license
  • Network license (floating license, concurrent use license)

Big Data Accelerator is a search engine with its own data storage for almost unlimited data volume. Thanks to the groundbreaking, innovative logic of its algorithm, Big Data Accelerator is unbeatable in terms of speed with simultaneous savings in resources such as additional processors, main memory capacity and other hardware, unlike all other common solutions.

The speed does not depend on the amount of data, which in our case is limited only to the physical conditions (storage capacity), but always remains constant in the range of milliseconds. It is also not dependent on the number of data fields that are searched.

A license includes the use of the respective progress of the software, e.g. at the current state the search for data. The current state of the software can be found here on our website, just like all other information about our software solutions.