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Big Data Accelerator

The selection of arbitrary amounts of data from a stock of tens of billions of data records must be possible within milliseconds without additional processor power at current network speeds on a normal PC with 512 MB main memory.

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What is Big Data Accelerator?

Big Data Accelerator is an intelligent data storage solution for unlimited data volumes that, due to the groundbreaking, innovative logic of its algorithm, cannot be surpassed in speed with simultaneous savings in resources such as additional processors, main memory capacity and other hardware in comparison to other common solutions.

It is a pure software solution and impresses with its performance and sustainability!

Proof of Concept and USP of Big Data Accelerating Service

The selection of any amount of data from an inventory of 3.7 billion flight data records on a normal PC with 512 MB main memory, without additional processor power at common network speed is possible within 245 milliseconds!

Key Benefits
  • very low license fees
  • almost no hardware requirements
  • energy and resource savings
  • cost savings of up to 80%
  • very flexible application possibilities
  • fast and easy installation
  • Highspeed search engine
  • Time savings of up to 70%
Key Features
  • Developer-friendly DB technology
  • own Big Data architecture on pure software basis
  • Ideal for individual applications and interim solutions
  • Sustainability by saving energy and resources
  • all common programming interfaces
  • platform-independent / cross-platform
  • from 1 core processor with 512 MB RAM
  • fast export to Tableau, Power BI, Excel, etc.

Test Big Data Accelerator live

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Unbeatable prices despite individual solutions

Discover the perfect software solution for your company's needs and convince yourself of the uniqueness of Big Data Accelerator.